Wall slot diffuser – WSD

Product specification

  • Wall slot diffuser – WSD

    For installation in gypsum plasterboard walls.
    • Volume flow rate range:
    • ​up to 66.5 l/s [240 m³/h] per metre of diffuser length
    • ​Nominal length: 525, 1 050 and 1 125 mm
    • ​Discharge height: 2.4 – 3.5 m
  • Category

    Air outlets - Wall


  • With 1 or 2 rows for supply air or return air or both combined
  • Slot element easy to remove thanks to push-in connection; thus cleanable as per VDI 6022
  • Connection box to be installed inside or behind gypsum plasterboard walls; volume flow damper adjustable from room (optional)
  • High level of thermal comfort: max. cooling capacity up to 120 W/m²
  • High insertion loss with abrasion-resistant acoustic lining of class A2 as per DIN 4102-1 (optional); this obviates the need for crosstalk silencers


E1.2.8_WSD_Wall slot diffuser_wTC