Conical displacement outlet VA-K

Product specification

  • Conical displacement outlet VA-K

    For halls where supply air must be discharged from a great height at low turbulence; suitable for cooling and heating.
    • Volume flow rate range: 2 200 – 2 800 l/s [8 000 – 10 000 m³/h]
    • ​Nominal diameter: DN 1 500
    • ​Height: ​1.25 m
    • ​Coverage radius: ​5 m
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  • Category

    Air outlets - Displacement industrial sector


  • Low-turbulence displacement flow
  • Placement at a height of 10 to 30 m
  • Umbrella-shaped, radial supply air downflow
  • When heating, greater penetration depth of warm supply air by opening the centrical core tube and the rotating ring slot
  • Well suited for cooling and heating
  • Adjustment with built-in servomotor
  • Connection from above


E1.5.6_VA-K_Conical displacement outlet

D1.5.6_VA-K_Kegelfoermiger Verdraengungsauslass



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