Puri-Drall PDK / Puri-Clean PCK / Puri-Inlet PEK

Product specification

  • Puri-Drall PDK / Puri-Clean PCK / Puri-Inlet PEK

    HEPA filter air outlet with pull-down outlet element, for air cleanliness levels of Class 6 to 8 to EN ISO 14644-1 and Grade C and D to EU GMP. Fields of application for the HEPA filter air outlets are all branches of industry, research and medicine as well as hospital areas where air cleanliness is demanded according to the above-mentioned levels.​
    • Volume flow rate range:
    • ​69 – 236 l/s [250 – 850 m³/h] – standard filter housing
    • 222 – 389 l/s [800 – 1 400 m³/h] – rectangular filter housing
    • Cross-section housing:
    • ​570 x 570 mm – standard filter housing
    • 1 195 x 570 mm – rectangular filter housing
    • Height of housing:
    • 391 mm – connection housing with lateral rectangular connection spigot
    • 432 mm – connection housing with lateral round connection spigot
  • Category

    - HEPA filtersystemsCleanrooms


  • Suited for cleanliness levels 6 to 8 to EN ISO 14644-1, and C and D to EU GMP
  • The installation situation with pull-down outlet element saves time during the implementation of filter scan tests (first test and retests)
  • No additional sealing of the air outlets after the fitting or the replacement of the filter
  • Modular design – one standard housing for the volume flow rate ranges 69 to 236 l/s [250 to 850 m³/h] (V1 to V4)
  • Designs for HEPA filter air outlet with dry sealing (with or without test groove) or fluid sealing
  • Discreet integration into the suspended ceiling by square visible surface
  • Stable radial flow with strong induction of supply air and room air at the PDK and the PCK
  • Build-up of a very uniform supply air cushion below the air outlet; consequently only minor or no accumulation of dirt on the ceiling with the PCK
  • Connections for
  • – differential pressure measurement
  • – leakage test, optional
  • – test aerosol, optional
  • Recovery test according to EN ISO 14644-3 with short recovery times, attested by qualification records