Dissection outlet SZ

Product specification

  • Dissection outlet SZ

    Air outlet generating a vertical, low-turbulence displacement flow. The formaldehyde vapours emitted during dissection are displaced by the fresh air flow into the floor zone from where they are removed with the exhaust air.
    • Volume flow rate range: 210 – 280 l/s [750 – 1 000 m³/h]
    • Length x width: 2 120 mm x 1 130 mm
    • ​Height:
    • ​300 mm standard;
    • 400 mm (optional)
    • ​Lighting intensity: ​> 1 100 Lux
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  • Category

    - Hospital ventilating systemsCleanrooms


  • Laminar displacement flow lowering formaldehyde pollution in the work zone well below the permissible figure
  • No induction of formaldehyde vapours out of the indoor air into the work zone
  • Low volume flow rate and low energy costs as a result
  • Workplace lighting built into air outlet
  • Placement flush with ceiling or built-on as well as downstanding
  • Low height
  • Housing made of aluminium with disinfectant-proof coating
  • Easy maintenance
  • The maximum allowed particle concentration is kept to (Certificate issued by the Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Medicine of Aachen University)


E3.2.3_SZ_Dissection outlet