Variable twist outlet with jet straightener DD-VG

Product specification

  • Variable twist outlet with jet straightener DD-VG

    For installation flush with ceiling or downstanding in very high halls, particulary suitable for large thermal load fluctuations combined with a high temperature difference between supply air and indoor air when heating.
    • Volume flow rate range: 170 – 2 500 l/s [600 – 9 000 m³/h]
    • ​Nominal sizes: DN 315, DN 400 and DN 630
    • ​Discharge height: 5 – 25 m
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  • Category

    Air outlets - Ceiling


  • Radial, horizontal jet dispersion
  • Shorter heating-up period with vertical discharge direction
  • Connection to spiral-seam duct or connection box
  • Available with curved intake to meet high acoustic requirements
  • Adjustable discharge direction from horizontal to vertical, manually or with servomotor


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