Rectangular displacement outlet Q-R

Product specification

  • Rectangular displacement outlet Q-R

    Installation on the floor, in front of a wall, parapet or pillar, or free-standing in room, or integration into furniture.
    • Volume flow rate range: up to 445 l/s [1 600 m³/h]
    • ​Discharge velocity: ≤ 0.25 m/s
    • ​Coverage: ​5 – 15 m
    • Sound power level:​ ≤ 30 dB(A) ref. 10-12W
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  • Category

    - Displacement comfort sector


  • Single installation or in rows side by side
  • Even, horizontal, low-turbulence discharge flow
  • Easy to integrate into furniture
  • Connection from above or below


E1.4.1_Q-R_Rectangular displacement outlet



Rijksmuseum-Amsterdam, Koninklijke Schouwburg-Den Haag, Jan van Bessouw Schouwburg-Goirle