Louver Damper Type LD-J / ND-J


  • The robust damper housing made from optional stainless or galvanized steel can contain up to seven lamellae.
  • Non return dampers with more than one lamella additionally have crossbars made from U-profile, welded to the damper housing. These cross-bars are serving as fixing for the lamellae and as supporting surface for the sealing.

The lamellae are made from ageing resistant reinforced elastic material with a non-breakable inlet. A solid reinforcement and stabilization of the damper blade sealing is done by aluminum reinforcement angles on incoming
flow side of the damper and aluminum plates on the back side.

  • The elastic lamellae are heat resistible up to 90 °C. For higher requirements lamellae with higher heat resistance are available as an option (additional price).
  • The flow-separating plates at back side of damper housing are creating single ducts behind each lamella to avoid transmission of impulse between partial air flows.