Linear Hybrid Displacement Outlet VA-LH

Product specification

  • Linear Hybrid Displacement Outlet VA-LH

    • Luchtvolumedebiet: 750 - 3000 m3/h
    • Grootte: DN 1250 bis DN 2000
    • Inbouwhoogte: 3 - 5 m
  • Category

    - Displacement industrial sector


  • Low secondary air induction due to Jet nozzles located below the discharge surface.Wandverdringingssysteem
  • Air discharge direction and room air Velocity adjustable via angle-adjustable deflection falps (0-360°)Wandverdringingssysteem
  • Nozzles continuously connectable by means of integrated air deflection device (via adjusting Lever with Bowden cable)Wandverdringingssysteem
  • Discplacement mixing flow; Air supply from perforated plate surface supported by nozzle operationWandverdringingssysteem
  • Ideally suited for air conditioning Systems with free or adiabatic coolingWandverdringingssysteem