Swivel displacement outlet VA-S

Product specification

  • Swivel displacement outlet VA-S

    Suitable for factories where the supply air ducts must be placed with the air outlets at the walls and the supply air is to be discharged at low turbulence and large penetration depth into the occupied zone; suitable for cooling and heating.
    • Volume flow rate range: ​220 – 500 l/(s•m) [800 – 1 800 m³/(h•m)]
    • ​Nominal lengths: 1 200 – 2 400 mm
    • Max. supply air
    • penetration depth: ​up to 20 m
  • Category

    Air outlets - Displacement industrial sector


  • Low-turbulence displacement flow
  • Placement above the occupied zone, in front of walls or galleries
  • Discharge height 3 to 5 m
  • Discharge direction adjustable from +10° to -35° to horizontal, manually or with servomotor
  • Placement at side of main supply air duct, singly or several in a row


E1.5.4_VA-S_Swivel displacement outlet

D1.5.4_VA-S_Schwenkbarer Verdrängungsauslass