Heat Seal Device Type HS-D hightec


  •  1,000 mm wide welding device, suitable for bag-in bag-out procedure of pre-filters and HEPA-filters with dimensions up to 610 x 610 x 292 mm
  • Constant and regular pressurization of the sealing area
  • Permanent temperature control of each sealing strip by means of thermocouple
  • Electronic microprocessor control for all relevant and pre-set sealing parameters (pressure, time, temperature)
  • Sealing and cutting of plastic bag in one process
  • Each side of the plastic bag double-closed by two seals, cut in the middle of the intermediate seal
  • Documentation of sealing history (full data set including temperature graphs for the last 10 seals, reduced data set for 999 seals)
  • Possibility of displaying, printing and storing all sealing history by using the PC software
  • Predefined sealing parameters set to Krantz PE plastic bags
  • Complete delivery of sealing device with power generator, PC software and one set of ware parts (PTFE protective cloth and sealing stripes)