Multifunctioneel klimaateiland AVACS


  • Multifunctioneel klimaateiland AVACS

    The Multifunction sail AVACS is the result of further developments on Krantz Components chilled sails. It combines the proven chilled ceiling technology with air diffusers that are invisible to room occupants. The exposed part of the AVACS sail is an assembly of perforated rectangular metal tiles which incorporate the contact cooling ceiling system KKS-3/LD for metal ceilings.​

    • Nominal length of ceiling tile: ​1 000 mm – 2 800 mm
    • ​Nominal width: 800 mm – 1 200 mm
    • ​Nominal height: ​50 mm
    • Mounting height: ​150 mm
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    - Koel- en verwarmingssystemen


  • Output increased by up to 60% compared to a closed metal chilled ceiling – thanks to supply air discharge above and below the chilled sail
  • Supply air flow rate up to 28 l/s [100 m³/h]
  • Air diffuser and cooling elements not visible from below
  • High cooling output even in conjunction with sound absorbers
  • Low overall height
  • Quick and easy to install


E2.3.1.1_Chilled sail AVAC