Contact cooling ceiling system KKS-3/LD, for metal ceilings


  • Contact cooling ceiling system KKS-3/LD, for metal ceilings

    Provided for combination with various makes of known extensive metal acoustic ceilings to install radiant cooling or ​heating ceilings. The extensive and permanent contact between the cooling element and the ceiling tile is best effected with adhesive.​

    • Nominal length: ​500 mm – 3 000 mm
    • ​Nominal width: ≤ 16 pipe rows x pipe spacing
    • ​Pipe spacing: ​≥ 90 mm (standard)
    • ​Nominal height: ​≤ 15 mm
    • ​Installation height: ​≥ 100 mm
    • ​Connection type: ​push-in fitting
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  • Heat transfer largely via radiation, with very high thermal comfort as a result
  • Standard cooling capacity up to 90 W/m² for KKS-3 elements glued onto metal acoustic ceilings tiles made of sheet steel (to DIN 4715)
  • High adaptability thanks to variable cooling elements, so that all types of ceiling can be used for cooling and the ceiling retains its other desired properties, e.g. good sound absorption
  • Low installation height
  • The basic element is copper serpentine pipework with Al heat conducting profiles, thus long lifetime, assured quality, operating pressure up to 16 bar
  • Easy and safe installation
  • No combustible components


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