Leak Test Device Type LT-D


  • The leakage air flow is determined following the constant pressure method, which means the housing or the test groove of the seal resp. is filled with air until the predetermined test pressure is reached. The feed in air flow which is necessary to keep the test pressure constant is equivalent to the leakage air flow.
  • Two measuring ranges are available:
  • For small leakage air flow: 0.01 – 0.15 l / min (test range I)
  • For higher leakage air flow: 0.15 – 1.5 l / min (test range II)
  • The feed in to reach the predetermined test pressure as well as holding the test pressure constant is done by means of a hand pump.
  • Enclosed to each portable seal testing device:
  • Manual
  • Certificates of calibration of the measuring devices
  • Hand pump
  • Connecting hose with 4 mm inner diameter and coupling nipples on both sides.
  • Fast acting coupling